Magento 2 Integration Manual


  • Pricing:Trial or Premium(paid)
  • Ease of Integration:Easy
  • Developer needed:No

Test Successful Installation

After a successful installation

Test Propoza: Go to your store’s front-end and add a product to your shopping cart. On your shopping cart page a new button is visible: “Request a quote”. Click this new button to open the quote submit form.
Note: depending on the theme you use the button may be just a text link on the shopping cart or not be visible at all. Contact if you need help to make the Propoza button visible.


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Submit a test request

Enter test details in the quote request submission form and check if the new request appears in your Propoza Merchant Dashboard. You will find your Propoza Merchant Dashboard at or via your Magento 2 admin panel under main menu: Sales / Quotes


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Getting Started

Choose an installation method

Propoza can be installed via the Magento Marketplace or by FTP. For not tech savvy store admins we recommend the use of the Magento Marketplace as this is a very straightforward installation.

Use the menu on the side to navigate to your preferred Installation Method or use the links below:

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Installation by FTP

Setup your account

Setup your account via


Select your e-commerce platform and you will receive a confirmation email with download instructions.

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Installation for Magento 2

A Magento 2 installation is required for Propoza to work, please make sure these requirements are met:

Step 1: Copy the Propoza files
Unpack the Propoza files and copy these to your /app/code directory.

Step 2: Execute your database scripts
To make sure all setup scripts are executed run the following command in your terminal from your Magento root directory:

php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade

Step 3: Refresh your cache
Last but not least, you need to refresh your cache, empty the folder with static content and delete the compilated files. You can do this in the Magento admin panel, but since we are already working on the command line, the following command is a lot quicker.

rm -rf var/generation/* var/cache/* pub/static/frontend/* pub/static/adminhtml/* var/page_cache/* var/di/* var/di

Step 4: Dependency injection
php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile

Step 5: Static content deploy
php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 6: Reindex data
php -f bin/magento indexer:reindex

After completing these steps, Propoza is succesfully installed

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Enter the general settings

– Enable Propoza
– Fill in your sub-domain in the Sub-domain field
– Fill in your API key (Received in your email) in the Api key field
– Test your connection by pressing Test Connection


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Propoza Merchant Dashboard Tutorial

The Merchant Dashboard is packed with features but has a very simple and user-friendly interface. To start the dashboard tutorial, go to, choose the General Configuration page and there, under the tab Integrations, click the link Start Tutorial.


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Configure Propoza Forms And Translations

Propoza allows you configure the Quote Request Forms you place on your website. Simply select which fields you require, and translate or rewrite the words you wish to use.

– Go to your Propoza Dashboard
– Choose (top right) the General Settings
– On the left hand side, choose ‘Translations’


– Please make sure you use the correct API key (check your email, see section ‘Installation)
– Edit the texts you wish to use for your Emails, Online Proposals, Quote Contents and Webshop Form
– Press Save
– On the left hand side, choose ‘Webshop Settings’


– Edit the texts for your Webshop Form, select which fields to enable and sort the order
– Press Save
– Refresh your webpage and check whether all your wished changed have indeed loaded well

In some cases you will have to translate the “Add to Quote” button that appears in your webshop via the translation system of your webstore.
Every platform has it’s own unique way of managing translations. The string for the Propoza button text is “Request quote”

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Check your Propoza credentials

Go to Magento > Stores > Configuration > Propoza > Configuration

Make sure Propoza is enabled and your subdomain and API Key are entered correctly.



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Where to get your API key from?

Your API Key can be found in your Propoza dashboard. You should have received the login details by email after your created your Propoza account.

Visit [yoursubdomain] and login.

Click the configuration icon top right and select “Settings”. Then select the “Webshop Setting” tab and read your API Key

This key should be entered under:Magento > Stores > Configuration > Propoza > Configuration

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What’s my Propoza Subdomain or Web Address?

The chosen Propoza subdomain has been sent to your by email. You can retrieve your subdomain by visiting > Login > Forgot sub-domain

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